Bridge Terms & Conditions

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Bridge is a modern online services that manages job workflow for service based businesses. Welcome to an easier way to handle quotes, invoices and payment tracking.

The Bridge website (and any associated device applications) (Bridge) is a platform provided by Life Events Media Pty Ltd (us, we) that enables users (you) to manage your jobs and workflow better.

How it all works

By signing up to Bridge you agree to use Bridge in accordance with these terms and conditions (Terms) and the Website Terms of Use

You can use Bridge to create new customer enquiries, and generate invoices and quotes, as well as taking notes and uploading photos while on the job.

Bridge uses Pin Payments, a third party payment provider, to process payments due to service providers as a result of services provided by them under agreements formed via the Bridge Website. By utilising Bridge you will also need to agree to accept and be bound by Pin Payments terms and conditions, available at and Pin Payments Privacy Policy available at You consent to and authorise Bridge and Pin Payments to share the information you provide to one another and to the extent required to complete your transaction, to other third parties.

If You receive payments via Pin Payments in any one transaction or in the aggregate, (to the extent that you are a service provider) You agree to pay a fee calculated as an amount equal to 1.70% of the transaction value for any amount where You use Pin Payments. This fee may be deducted from any amount You received for payment of the services via the Pin Payments facility, or we may otherwise invoice you for such amounts.

Paying for Bridge

You agree to pay to Bridge the fees and charges as set out here (Fees and Charges).

Where you sign up to the Bridge “Premium Annual Subscription”, you will be required to pay the annual subscription fee in full before being provided with access to the Bridge platform. Customers who subscribe for the Bridge “Premium Annual Subscription” will be entitled to participate in the 60 day money back guarantee on the terms detailed below.

60 day money back guarantee (Premium Annual Subscription)

Subject to you being eligible, you may be entitled to a refund of your annual subscription fees if you cancel your subscription within 60 days of subscribing for an eligible product (60 Day Money Back Guarantee).

To be eligible to claim the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you must:

  1. have subscribed for a Premium Annual Subscription and paid for that annual subscription in full;
  2. make a claim for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee within 60 days of the date You subscribed for a Premium Annual Subscription;
  3. contact us by phone on 1300 550 711 before the expiration of the 60 day period;
  4. be a resident of Australia or New Zealand;
  5. provide us with the following information to validate Your claim for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:

i) your full name;

ii) the details of your purchase;

iii) the reason that you’re claiming the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee; and

iv) any other information reasonably required by us;

6. have at all times complied with Our Terms of Use, these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as contained on our website

If you are eligible for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, your refund will be credited to the credit card that you used to purchase the product with us. If you used a payment method other than credit card to purchase the product, the refund will be paid into your nominated bank account by electronic funds transfer.

Please allow 28 days from the date that we accept the claim for us to pay you the refund.

If you purchased a product in conjunction with a cash-back or voucher promotion, under no circumstances will you be entitled to the value of that cash-back or voucher promotion offering. The only amounts you are entitled to in connection with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee are those amounts you have actually paid to us.


Bridge is not responsible for assisting with resolution of disputes arising between users of Bridge and Pin Payments regarding payments. All agreements formed between users of the Bridge Website under these Terms and Conditions are formed directly between the users of the Bridge Website. Bridge is not a party to any agreement formed between users and is in no way responsible for or an arbiter of disputes resulting from users failing to pay service providers via Pin Payments or any other means of making payments. Bridge is unable to and does not guarantee that users of the Bridge Website will perform or abide by agreements entered into with You. Should a dispute arise between You and another user, it is Your responsibility to resolve the dispute.

If a payment dispute arises between You and another user regarding payments made or to be made via Pin Payments, please refer to Pin Payments terms and conditions relating to disputes at – 26.1

Your Responsibilities

You acknowledge and agree that the content you enter into or upload onto Bridge (your content), is your responsibility and is not endorsed by us and that we do not make any warranties or bear any responsibility in relation to your content.

In particular, by signing up to Bridge you agree that you are responsible for:

  • all content that you enter into or upload onto Bridge – including the information you enter into your quotes and invoices, such as, price;
  • creating enquiries, quotes and invoices [and handling all customer enquiries]; and
  • ensuring that you have all the required approvals, registrations, and qualifications to provide the services you are quoting and invoicing for via Bridge.

Intellectual Property

You grant us and our related bodies corporate a royalty free licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, communicate to the public the content that you provide to us or we collect from you for the purposes of enabling you to use the features of Bridge. You agree that we, or a related body corporate, own all intellectual property rights in Bridge, other than your content.

Syndication of your content

You agree that we may syndicate some or all of your content to third party sites or applications and controlled by us or our related bodies corporate. You acknowledge that your content may be displayed either by us or third parties together with other content.

Confidential Information

All information disclosed by us to you is confidential and must not be disclosed by you (or your employees, advisors or contractors) to any third party except where the information is already known to you, has been lawfully obtained by you from another source, is or becomes publically known through no wrongful act of You or must be disclosed pursuant to any obligation you have at law.

Privacy – Our Obligations

Our commitment to privacy is set out in our Privacy Policy We collect, use and disclose personal information on the terms and conditions set out in our privacy policy. We will not use or disclose personal information, as defined in the Privacy Act (1998) (Privacy Act), unless that use or disclosure is necessary to fulfil obligations under this agreement, is otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, or is required by law.

Privacy – Your Obligations

You agree to only use or disclose personal information, including the customer details you enter into Bridge, in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Your warranties

By using Bridge you warrant and represent that:

  • you have the right to enter into this agreement;
  • you or your licensors own all intellectual property rights in your content or have obtained any necessary consent to allow us to display your content;
  • nothing in relation to your content breaches any laws or infringes any rights of third parties;
  • nothing in relation to your content is inappropriate, offensive, unsuitable for minors, obscene, indecent, defamatory, misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive;
  • you will not enter into, or provide to, Bridge any customer details without first obtaining that customer’s consent and will comply with the Privacy Act in respect of any personal information entered into, or uploaded onto, Bridge;
  • you will not interfere with anyone else’s use of Bridge, including sending spam;
  • you will not copy, scrape or reproduce content from Bridge including information about third parties without their consent;
  • you will not disclose Your Bridge log in details to any third party;
  • you have all licences legally required to perform the services you are quoting or invoicing for;
  • your content complies with all legal requirements,

(collectively, your warranties).

If you breach any of your warranties, or otherwise where, in consideration of the circumstances, we think it is reasonable to do so, we may suspend or terminate your access to Bridge and take any appropriate steps at law to protect our interests or those of end users and third parties.

Our Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Except for any express warranties set out in these terms and any term implied by law (that cannot be excluded) and your rights under statutory guarantees provided under the consumer protection laws, we provide no warranties or guarantees to you (including in relation to the performance of Bridge).

While we use due care and skill in relation to the provision of Bridge, neither we nor our related bodies corporate, warrant or guarantee that Bridge will be free from errors or omissions or provided to you within a particular time. If we fail to comply with a statutory guarantee (if it applies) or any term of this agreement, then we limit our liability for that failure (where it is fair and reasonable to do so in respect of a statutory guarantee) to either supplying Bridge again, free of charge to you or paying you the cost of having Bridge supplied again.

You agree that apart from your rights set out, we will not be liable for any loss, damage claim, or demand incurred or made by any person (whether based in tort, contract, statue or otherwise) arising out of in connection with the supply of Bridge or from exercising any of our rights in relation to Bridge.

Your Indemnity in Favour of Us

You agree to indemnify us against all claims, demands, damages, costs, penalties, suits caused directly or indirectly by your act or omission or any breach by you of any provision of this contract including the warranties you give under this agreement.

Changes to these terms and conditions

Bridge may change these terms and conditions at any time. We will give you reasonable prior notice of any change we consider will have a detrimental impact on most customers. If we make a change to the Fees and Charges, we will provide you with at least 21 days’ prior notice of that change.  If you are not happy with any of the changes we make, you can cancel your Bridge product at any time, as set out below.


You may cancel your Bridge product at any time by notifying us.  Once you have notified us, the Bridge product will be cancelled at the end of current billing period.

Where you cancel a product which is a fixed term subscription product (including without limitation the Premium Annual Subscription product) which is paid for in advance, the cancellation will take effect from the end of the subscription period for which you have paid. Subject to being able to claim the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee above, if a fixed term subscription product is cancelled part way through the fixed term, you will not be entitled to any refund and you forfeit all amounts paid by you to us.

We will provide you with written confirmation via email when the final date of your subscription ends.


We take complaints seriously and you can notify us of your complaint via our email address at .