The wife of a disorganised tradie

Wife of a disorganized tradie

Help, I have a disorganised Tradie…and I’m his Wife!

By Mim Jenkinson

If there’s one thing that pushes my buttons, it’s disorganisation. Chaos. Unnecessary chaos is the worst and it just brings out the ‘nagging wife’ in me.

My husband is an organised guy when he’s on the job but so often he’s planning at the last minute, in a tail-spin and panic. It’s painful for me to watch, given my organisation-obsessed nature!

He has run his own carpentry business for 10 years and despite his lack of business training and experience, it’s thriving. But it could be much more so.

He’ll admit himself that he’s a complete technophobe and putting together one quote or invoice in Microsoft Word is a day’s task that has his blood-pressure spiraling.

I help him with all of this when I can but running my own business too means I have little free time. I’ve tried to get him to teach himself how to do it, as I did. Honestly though, when he’s peering at the Help section of Word, scratching his head, huffing and puffing, I have to leave the room!

I know he isn’t alone. I also know that if he had a system in place to help him get these admin tasks completed easier and quicker, it would free up his time to focus on what he loves and does best.

The last thing he wants is his clients, and potential clients, to assume that his work is unprofessional because his invoices look that way. His work is precise and high quality and his work ethic is unmatched. His paperwork just doesn’t mirror this.

I imagine he’s just like many busy tradies who want to spend less time and effort on the paperwork and more doing the job they love, and that they’re qualified to do.

The unnecessary hours he currently spends on paperwork could be spent growing his business, playing with the kids, seeing his friends and possibly even putting up shelves in our home!

If there was an app that would take care of all of my husbands’ business needs and would make him look as professional as he is and free up his time to do the job he loves to do, he’d love it.

If you’re the partner of a disorganised tradie, Bridge is here to help.


  • You can send professional quotes and invoice from on site.
  • There’s no training or boring tutorials required. 15 seconds and you’re in.
  • Save your job notes, photos and contacts in the one place. Backed up in the cloud based software.
  • Receive notifications when your customer has viewed and accepted a quote or invoice so you know when to follow up.
  • A simple dashboard overview so you can see how your workflow is tracking instantly.
  • Add before/after images to the quote easily as it’s all saved in the right place.

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