New features on Bridge App this month

We’ve released some handy new features to make your Bridge experience even easier and more convenient: Job Reminders and Hide a Job. Read on for a step-by-step rundown on how to use them.

How to: Hide jobs from your dashboard

Watch the video below, or keep scrolling to read the instructions.

Open Bridge App on your smartphone via the app and scroll down to the job you want to hide.

You’ll see 3 vertical dots to the right of your job. Press to bring up menu options.

How to delete a job 1

Select ‘Hide Job’ from the menu

How to delete a job 2

Confirm your selection – and you’re done!

How to delete a job 3

How to: Add reminders to jobs

Create a new job (or open an existing one). Select ‘Set a reminder’

How to add a reminder 1a

Give your reminder a title – e.g. ‘Pick up apprentice’ – enter the locations, time and any additional notes.

Then press save in the top right corner.

How to add a reminder 3

Once you’ve saved the reminder, it will appear in your phone’s calendar and within the job on Bridge app.

How to add a reminder 4

Ready to start using these new features? They’re available on the app right now!

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