What I look for when choosing a Tradie

Choosing a tradie

By Jennifer Johnston

As a tradie, do you ever wonder ‘What do customers want!?’

As a recent home renovator and project manager, I’ve been on a steep learning curve in all aspects of my renovation building project including selecting tradies.

By sharing a few learnings from my process, tradies may benefit from understanding what the customer looks for when it comes to hiring a tradie.

Considering these small things could secure future business opportunities.

What makes a tradie stand out from their competitors?

In a word, professionalism.

When you quote on a job – make the appointment, confirm the time the day before and meet at the allocated time.

Customers may have an understanding of what you do but are not experts in your field. Explain in simple terms what you will provide. Treat the customer respectfully and you’ll make a lasting impression.

Email the quote on the agreed date or as quickly as possible. Don’t make the client chase you.

Ensure quotes are presented professionally, with an easy to read but detailed description on letterhead. A professionally presented quote is a reflection of the individual and was often the point of difference when deciding among quotes of a similar dollar value.

Your quote is an important part of the process because it’s the first thing prospective clients see. There are plenty of ways to do this, but Bridge has nailed the professionalism and clarity of quotes and invoices it generates for a tradie.

Use the internet as a tool of the trade

The internet is often the first place people go to locate a local tradie. Have a professional, easy to use website describing your services. Include your contact details and up to date testimonials of services provided. Add photos of work performed. They’re a visual impression of a proudly completed job.

Consider using social media. I located a local painter via his Instagram account.


Act like you want the job. Follow up with emails, texts or a phone call to check on your quote, if there are there any questions etc. 48% never follow up with a prospect1, luckily Bridge sends you customer notifications when your customer has viewed the quote, so you can easily follow up to discuss or answer anyquestions.

I had a few questions with quotes I received and if they had called me to follow up, I would have chatted through with them and probably chosen that tradie and built a relationship.


A comment I heard regularly throughout my renovation journey was “tradies don’t care.” Be a tradie who DOES care. Remember word of mouth is a great advertiser, so even after you’ve won the job, work hard to gain more opportunities to grow your business!

Source: 1 Nation Sales Executive Association.

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