Bridge invoices for Accounting & Tax

Accounting and tax aren’t the most exciting topics, but we’ve made it really easy and straightforward to manage your invoice data on Bridge.

You can now view and download all sent invoices by time period. This will help with BAS statements, tax time or just a summary of how your business is performing.

Simply follow these 3 easy steps.


Step One: Login to your Bridge account on your desktop or laptop. This feature isn’t available on mobile or tablet as yet. We find it easier to view reports and data on larger screens anyway.

In the left menu bar, you will see a new item, SENT INVOICES. Click here to be shown your sent invoices summary.

Step Two: At this stage, you’ll be able to view every invoice you’ve sent via Bridge.

It also gives you a total price of all invoices. The top section, highlighted in pink in the example below, allows you to type in a date range. For example, you might want to run a report by month, by quarter or a specific week.

Click ‘View Invoices’ and the invoices sent during this period will be shown.

You can search by job name, customer name, date or invoice number. The search box is located just below the ‘From’ date range box.

Step Three: Review data

  • You can download a .zip file, which will download a folder of all the invoices sent in individual pdf format. This is great if you’d like to store the original invoices on your computer or send to your accountant.
  • You can also click ‘Download report’ to receive all the information as text line items. You can download the summary report as an excel or CSV file. From here you can save it to your computer, print it, upload it into accounting software or email it to the tax man.

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