We thought of Bridge with our noggins, so you can use yours to focus on your trade

We thought of Bridge with our noggins, so you can use yours to focus on your trade

Who are these guys?

As software engineers, we stick to building with ones and zeroes, rather than four by twos. But although we’re not tradies, we get tradies.

Some of our best mates are tradies, so we know what gets them up in the morning (at those ungodly hours): doing a great job. And, we know what keeps them sweating at the kitchen table late at night: wrangling dozens of messy quotes and invoices. That’s how Bridge was born – to take the hard yards out of the tough jobs.

We’re dedicated to understanding and helping tradies. That’s why we don’t sit at a computer all day. We go out on site and try to walk a mile in your Blundstones.

Then we take complex business problems and turn them into simple digital experiences. See our hackathon prototypes.

We keep it real and never talk tech babble. Give us a go – you might just find your secret weapon of mass construction.

Strong foundations

Bridge broke ground in 2015 after realising that there wasn’t anything on the market to help small-business tradies build their business and keep pace with the industry. Our blueprint was straight-forward: create a simple app to manage all aspects of a tradies’ business admin. And it had to cover every stage – from before the work started, to during the project and after the job was done.

We bridge the gap between a one-man-band and the big shot you truly are. Bridge gives you the tools to manage jobs like a boss.

Bridge is the ultimate business multi-tool. It’s built with easy-to-use features that help you manage a job from beginning to end. From receiving an enquiry, to preparing and sending quotes and invoices, right through to getting paid on time – we’ll provide all the tools to make your admin quick and easy. And it’s all at your fingertips (on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) so you can get the job done on site or at home (if you can’t break the habit of the late-night kitchen table catch-up sessions).

Bridge is here to help you build your business and start playing the game like the big guys. We’re only just getting started.

Our process:

  • Solve real problems using specialist skills and knowledge.
  • Do an honest day’s work. No fluff. No guff.
  • The job’s done when the customer’s happy
  • Know how to put your tools down and have fun.

As a team, we believe in:

  • Leading with creativity and invention
  • Bouncing back from our false starts
  • Knowing when to break the rules
  • Empathising with our customers
  • Working fast without sacrificing service
  • Being flexible about what success looks like
  • Putting honesty and transparency first
  • Maintaining individual perspective within a team
  • Innovating rapidly and executing brilliantly
  • Being forever curious